It has been a while since I posted here as I have been busy writing elsewhere through what I consider to be the Leading of the Holy Spirit of God. It has become our experience, like a Magnet, His Holy Spirit draws us and keeps us in His Love and the unfolding of His Truth and Plan for our lives.

As some of you know, I accepted a Call upon my life to Write in 2000. Initially I was led to Publish some of what I received as I sat before our Lord with a Listening Heart at my Website (others I filed for later, as Father said He had another purpose for them). After a while I was led to Blog here on different Topics, honing my craft. Eventually Father God spoke to my heart, that someday some of what I have been given would be put into a Book Format, but for now, I simply needed to keep a Journal of sorts as I lived a simple life conscious of the resurrected Spirit of Jesus Christ and our Father, communing with me intimately.

Last Fall I received a knowing it was time for these Books to be published, so I stepped out in faith and tried to create both an Audio File and a Kindle Book. I soon realized these skills were not one of my talents. So, with a desire to give my Books away for free, I prayed, 'If You have others set aside to help get them out there, please cross our Paths.'

Shortly after someone approached me on Facebook in an Instant Message after reading at my Website and told me God told him to help me get my writings out there in various formats, at no cost to me. Curtis Crews included an Audio File of one of my Articles to show me what he could do as a sample. He said he is to help get what I write out there for free so I can give them away for free! After I shared my inner Vision with Him, he created a Youtube Channel for the Audio Files and said he would put the Words into various Formats to be linked there. This was a part of fulfilling my desire to enable those who want, to read along as they listen, (am still working on that Book Format).

As Curtis and I worked together on an Audio File of one of the Books (have written several), Father told me Curtis needed to put his own writings in a Devotional, and I was to be a part of that, so I mentioned this to him, (leaving out my part in it as I waited for His confirmation). Curtis told me that was a confirmation for him, as Father had laid it upon his heart to compile several Devotionals through which he is to give others the opportunity to add what they have received to it. He wanted to know if I would join in.  "It is to be a Free online eBook Series Called Line Upon Line. The first Book Title is to be 'Testimonies of the other Overcomer' ", he concluded.

I am delighted to share it became available for Free late June 2017!  Thanks You Father for sending Curtis into our lives and for his desire to be obedient to Your leadings.

There are 9 of us contributing to this first Book, most of whom have not as yet met. Hopefully, ‘Testimonies of the Overcomer’ as a Whole gives witness to the Acts of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives through what we have each experienced in the Spirit, independent of one another.

We are offering these Free Ebooks in various Formats so they can be read on several Devices, for such a time as this Globally, as so many are being overcome with fear and confusion due to outward circumstances. It is being given away for free Globally, for 'freely we have received and freely we are led to give'.  

Click Link for Formats and Readers of your choice:

Free Kindle and Mobi Formatted Links
Free Amazon Kindle Readers Link
Free ePub Formatted Link
Free pdf Formatted Link
Free Pdf File Reader

You will need to download it to copy from it. Feel free to copy and or print excerpts that speak to you and give them away for free with us, however you are led! Your prayers and spiritual support through sharing are very much appreciated, (sharing examples: Blogs, Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Mail and other Social Media).

If you are in need of another Format, such a Nook or find some of these Links do not work for you, please contact our Publisher Curtis Crews at and he will attempt to accommodate you.

Thank You Father.... may those who desire to walk with you more intimately be moved to read that which You choose to offer through those YOU brought together to give witness of You and Your Overcoming Power in our lives, through Christ. Bless You for giving us the opportunity to share our Spiritual Portion as Testimonies that Glorify Your Presence and transforming power in our lives as we learned to walk in the Spirit and in Truth.


P.S. I may not be adding New Posts here for a while as I am moved to write my contributions for our next Free Online Book: 'Voice of Many Waters', and work on the Audio File of my personal Books. However, I will be adding to the Comment section below, that which the Spirit of God moves me to add at Father's appointed time, so please do consider Bookmarking this Blog.

Here is an excerpt from one of my Contributions to our next Free Online Book 'Voice of Many Waters', as a Foretaste of that which Father brought forth, as I wait upon Him. The 9 of us will be returning along side others who will be adding their Voice with ours.  Lord Willing, it is Curtis Crews Goal to have this next Free Online Book in the 'Line Upon Line' Series available January 2018. I will update with Links through a New Post at that time.

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