Testimony **Update: It has been a while since I posted here as I have been busy writing for a Free Online Book and elsewhere through what I consider to be the Leading of the Holy Spirit of God. It has become our experience, like a Magnet, His Holy Spirit draws us and keeps us in His Love and the unfolding of His Truth and Plan for our lives.

As some of you know, I accepted a Call upon my life to Write in 2000. Initially I was led to Publish some of what I received as I sat before our Lord with a Listening Heart at my Website (others I filed for later, as Father said He had another purpose for them). After a while I was led to Blog here on different Topics, honing my craft as my shyness is overcome. Eventually Father God spoke to my heart, that someday some of what I have been given would be put into Book Formats, but for now, I simply needed to keep a Journal of sorts as I lived a simple life conscious of the resurrected Spirit of Jesus Christ and our Father, communing with me intimately.

Last Fall (2016) I received a knowing it was time for these Books to gradually be published, so I stepped out in faith and tried to create both an Audio File and a Kindle Book, with the hopes of giving it away for free. I soon realized these skills were not one of my talents. So, with a desire to give my Books away, I prayed, 'If You have others set aside to help get them out there, please cross our Paths.'

Shortly after someone approached me on Facebook in an Instant Message after reading at my Website and told me Father God told him to help me get my writings out there in various formats, at no cost to me. He, (Curtis Crews) included an Audio File of one of my Articles to show me what he could do as a sample. He said he is to help get what I write out there for free so I can give them away for free! After I shared my inner Vision with Him, he created a Youtube Channel for the Audio Files and said he would put the Words into various Formats to be linked there if I desired. This was a part of fulfilling my desire to enable those who want, to read along as they listen, (am currently working on that Format, as I continue to write in 2019).

As Curtis and I worked together on an Audio File of one of the Books (have written several), Father told me Curtis needed to put his own writings in a Devotional, and I was to be a part of that, so I mentioned this to him, (leaving out my part in it as I waited for Fathers confirmation). Curtis told me that was a confirmation for him, as Father had laid it upon his heart to compile several Devotionals through which he is to give others the opportunity to add what they have received to it. He wanted to know if I would join in. At that point we decided to join our efforts into creating a Free online eBook Series called Line Upon Line. The first eBook  'Testimonies of the other Overcomer'

became available for Free late June 2017! 
There are 9 of us contributing to this first Book (*the second book The Voice of Many Waters came out December 2018, with 8 contributors).  Thanks You Father for sending Curtis into our lives and for his desire to be obedient to Your leading. 


We are offering these Free Ebooks in various Formats so they can be read on several Devices, for such a time as this Globally, as so many are being overcome with fear and confusion due to outward circumstances. 
Below I have added Links to various Formats of our Free Books, so you can Read them on the Readers of your choice. The PDF Reader are usually found in most standard Browsers and is the most friendly version available. The Calibre Reader is a Free Ebook Program, it will read anything. It has a Plugin that lets us import our own purchased books, so I am including it as a added blessing:

Testimonies of the Overcomer: 
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These QR Codes can be scanned for immediate download to your IPhones:

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You will need to download it to copy from it. Feel free to copy and or print excerpts that speak to you and give them away for free with us, however you are led! Your prayers and spiritual support through sharing are very much appreciated, (sharing examples: Blogs, Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Mail and other Social Media).
If you are in need of another Format, such a Nook or find some of these Links do not work for you, please contact our Publisher Curtis Crews at lineupon@gmail.com and he will attempt to accommodate you.


*Our second free online book The Voice of Many Waters is now available in a pdf Format. More formats will be made available soon.

The Voice of Many Waters:
Pdf Format

Thank You Father.... may those who desire to walk with you more intimately be moved to read that which You choose to offer through those YOU brought together to give witness of You and Your Overcoming Power in our lives, through Christ. Bless You for giving us the opportunity to share our Spiritual Portion as Testimonies that Glorify Your Presence and transforming power in our lives as we learned to walk in the Spirit and in Truth as one Hid in Christ.


Several of my friends are starting to grow some of their own food and have lots of questions, so I write and include links with them in mind. A few of my friends also like to read about our Gardening Adventures each year, even though they do not have space or the ability to grow for themselves just now, so......

We decided to make permanent Beds last year, and are now sticking with the tried and true methods we've learned through experimentation over the years. Since we are both in our late 60's, we are becoming aware, we can not increase-experiment with our Garden Beds as much. We may try one or two new veggies though, just for fun. We love hands on learning and trying new things. Hubby will be experimenting in the Greenhouse though, as he's adding an additional Hoop House and has some ingenious ideas he wants to try out; we look forward to using it as a Sunroom in the Fall, Winter and Spring in days to come.

A friend who manages a Farm, treated us with lots of composted Mature and we filled our freshly made Raised Bed and Plastic Barrels with it last season. We left the bottom open to the ground and made 3 beds out of each barrel. If you plan to move-pull them around, do not cut out the bottom. You may be able to find them through Craigslist or a local Horse Vet, who receives meds in them, Vets usually give them away and some local farmers are willing to give away or sell composted mature for a good price and some will even load it in the back of your pickup with their Tractors, saves on the back. Co-ops such as Southern States will often sell broken bags for half price, perhaps Lowes or Home Depot will as well???

Here is a picture of one of our Barrel Container Beds, this one has some lettuce growing in it.

Just like with our own Spiritual Life, the right amount of Light, Water and healthy Soil is very important and keys to an abundant crop and Spiritual Growth. Not only does it produce larger and a more productive harvest, but the plants are able to receive nutrients from the soil that our body needs. If you do not Top-Side Dress or add nutrients to the soil via Manure Tea and the like, the soil can become depleted and that will affect the amount of nourishment you put in your body, through the food you grow. That is one of the reasons to grow your own, if you can, even if it is just a Patio Tomato, Pepper or Lettuce during cool months. It is one of the reasons we Top or Side Dress some of our plants with composted mature when possible, as each season begins anew and a new plant is placed in the ground. We grow organically and frugally for food, not for how the Garden looks, so you will notice our gardens are simple and hopefully, efficient.

Plastic Barrels like the one below are also a good place to start seedlings in a Greenhouse, rather than a Cold Frame or something similar. We can transplant directly from there if we want, as they usually do not need to be potted up. Below is a barrel with seedlings and straw, from last season. These Plastic Barrels can be used in the Hoop house or elsewhere.

We started our 2017 Tomatoes and Peppers indoors in early January and our White Eggplant in early February this year. The earlier we start them, the sooner we can have a harvest. I prefer White or Rosa Eggplants because they do not need to be salted and rinsed before using, as they are not bitter like some of other varieties. We grow mostly Heirlooms from seeds I harvested the previous season.

I have planted our Sugar Snap, Petite French and Snow Peas outside already and have side dressed and mulched the Chard which is coming back, outdoors. I also weeded and top dressed a few Raised Beds and Plastic Barrel Container Beds, with the plan to come back and lay a thin layer of Newspaper and Straw on top to stay ahead of the weeds and keep them down all season. Our weather is unusually warm and dry at this time, here in Zone 7, in the USA and unwanted growth in the Veggie Beds as well as Bulbs elsewhere are already coming up. We've had a pretty dry Winter thus far, which could be an indication we may have a dry summer too. Experience has taught us that method will also help the beds to stay moist, whether we have drought or not. I tried that method when I first began Vegetable Gardening, here on our one little acre and was glad I did, because we had a rare drought that year. While our Neighbors plants died due to lack of moisture, ours survived.

A great Facebook Page, for those in need of Gardening Tips and who like to find links through Facebook as well as Youtube is called 'It's Grow Time'. Below I will add some links posted there that can be found of Youtube too.

Facebook also has some excellent Groups you can join and learn from as well, I like the Growing Winter Food and Preserving Food Groups, personally, at this time, as I am interested in learning more about Fermentation. We want to be able to grow in our Greenhouse all year long when possible, in days to come. Our smaller half Hoop House, attached to our Home, is mainly being used for over wintering plants and our Hot Tub.  Today my hubby sat out a few seedlings on trays in the Greenhouse, that now need to be potted up. We will be bringing them back in, in a few days, as the Temps will be dropping again.  The mass and heat from the Hot Tub and the walls inside, that are attached to our Home, (painted a dark color to absorb heat) help to maintain the heat in there. We also have a well pump area we open up, so the colder temps can drop down there and keep the room from freezing. We have a small fan we use to blow-pipe in warm air from inside our Home.  I tried over wintering a mature Eggplant in there, but it did not make it.  We also lost our Ferns this year, as we had some record breaking cold snaps too. This fall and winter has had a highly unusual weather pattern, with record breaking highs and lows. 

Here are two sample post links from Youtube that were Posted in 'Its Grow Time', for those who are not on Facebook. EnJoy!



Since the mid 1980's, near the end of the year, I have been led to ask for Words of our Lord for the next year and beyond.  This is what I received Early December 2016 for 2017.