"You know me I'm romantically challenged... our first Anniversary is coming up, so I give You control." was the Prayer of my Husband, just before our First Wedding Anniversary in 1996.

Afterwards he came to me and said.  "Our first Anniversary is coming up.  What would you like for me to get you?"

Not only was I surprised to hear his question I was equally surprised when I heard myself saying, "I'd like a Ring... size 7, silver.. with a heart in the middle of it, an Antique... or antique looking."
Because I had not thought about it in advance ... I remember my response very well.
My Hubby said he thought... 'Good, something solid to work with, that should be easy'....and immediately took me out to some Antique and Thrift Shops in pursuit of it.  We never found such a Ring... and even if we found one, we could only wonder how it would be provided for as our funds at the time were lean. After Prayer, we both let the desire go.
When our first Anniversary arrived, my Hubby said, "Since we could not find the Ring, what do you want to do for our Anniversary?"

I replied, "We are going to be buying this House at the end of the Month, and since our Home is a reflection of our relationship, let's work on fixing it up with us as a Couple in mind."
Through what to us was evidence of the Sovereignty of God and the fulfillment of Spiritual Promises given to me Prophetically before we met, while I was in Prayer alone 7 years earlier;*I hope to share details of that story in other Blogs if hope becomes reality* in a few weeks we were going to be purchasing a small Cottage my Hubby had been renovating on a Barter Basis for a Christian over the past year.  There were still a lot of unfinished Projects. While working on a Barter Basis, the Projects were done with future Tenants in mind ... After she offered to sell the House to us, at Father's urging and detailed instructions; (she resisted initially), we were delighted to discover we could think of ourselves.  For both of us... this would be restoration ... and possibly the Home we would retire in.

My Hubby said, "Great! I will work on any Project you want as my Gift to you." 

I suggested he work on the step leading up from the Mud Room which needed to be replaced ... As he pulled out some old wood and insulation, we talked while I watched from above. He told me later he noticed something shiny behind the insulation ... when he pulled it out and saw what it was... he blew it off and offered it to me with an awareness he was kneeling with one knee on the floor (like he was about to propose), as he said, "Happy Anniversary!" 

We were both in awe as to what he found ... an Antique Silver Ring ... size 7, with a heart in the middle of it!

Such a Testimony as this brings to mind Spiritual Principles:

'Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all your needs will be met... God goes before us and makes the way... HE answers our Prayers before we even ask them', came to mind. Truly... the Spirit of God knew this day would come and had planned it in advance according to HIS ever unfolding plan for us!  Once again He proved His faithfulness to us... and revealed His Romantic Heart... another new aspect of His Spirit for us to experience.  Plus... as an added bonus, since that day... my Hubby has been romantic... even when he is unaware he is being such!  

For such as this and more I am truly grateful!

vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit  
Whether or not you ask Him God is Present.

May our thoughts and experiences bring us into a greater awareness the resurrected Spirit of Christ is ever present ... seeking to shower us with Unconditional Love and Spiritual Truths ... according to the New Covenant He established for all.
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