I am curious to know if People other than those I ask to consider this Blog are actually finding it and if so, how? With so many Bloggers out there... we Bloggers who Blog for the fun of it wonder how often we are being read and look for ways to help others find us. Naturally we hope through word of mouth others will find us too.

I understand there are Readers out there who never respond to Blogs, but I am asking you to please consider leaving a comment to the Request above ... even if it is anonymous or via a private email to me.

If you are inspired to do so... please tell me
where you are from and what drew you here ... and if there's anything special about this sight you like that you'd like to see more of... do tell. *smile

Thank you ever so kindly. bren

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On 9:03 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi Bren,

I was lead by our Father to your blog :) He took me to another blog I read and I think you posted a comment with a weblink to enterintogodsrest.com.
The few things I have just finished reading from that sight witnesses strongly within me.

It is pure joy to see our Father working in like fashion with someone who I have no knowledge of in the natural, but in whom I feel like I have known my entire Life. It's like meeting a long lost loved family member for the first time...too cool!

I say, share whatever the Lord puts on your heart, and it shall satisfy abundantly.

Much Love,
Eric Parra
Des Moines,Iowa

On 12:32 AM , Joyful said...

I was led here through your personal invite though I haven't been here in awhile. I love to read about how the Father provided for you and brought you and your husband to learn more about providing through cooking, crafts, furniture making and frugal living, and all the many ways Father has spoken to you both. Virtually anything you write will be interesting. Thanks for asking :-)

On 5:46 PM , bren said...

Thank you very much for answering my questions!!! This means a lot to me and is very encouraging to read.

Just now, it seems to be my season to write here at this blog is going through a dormant stage, while I tend to life else where, at the Lords leading. There is a pattern of this it seems to be. I write more in the winter than summer, and during the periods of time when my writing is not a prolific practical lessons are being lived out, giving me fodder for future blogs and articles.

With that said... please do consider putting this blog in your favorite places and checking back periodically.

Oh... and in the meantime, feel free to read at another place I post at as led: www.ActsOfTheHolySpirit.com

Thanks again... Love you in the Lord... bren

On 11:53 PM , Joyful said...

Hi Bren, I've wondered what happened to you :-) I'm checking in every now and then to see when you come back. In the meantime, big hugs xx.

On 10:02 PM , Anonymous said...

Greetings in Christ Jesus, Bren: I "happened" onto your site, www.enterrest.com after doing a search on Rees Howells. That led me to a blog by Violet Nesdoly which reviewed his book, "Intercessor". I read your comments on her review.
I have spent much of this evening perusing enterest.com, with my inner being bearing a strong, reawakening witness to my spirit. I read with particular interest of your involvement with innkeeping. I have been an innkeeper for 18 years now, trusting the Lord step by step. He is so good! I also was privileged to be involved with a weekly womens prayer meeting from the mid 80's for about 10 years. - Precious times together in the Lord, united by passion, not by doctrine.
Oh, how I long for more. - to be more deeply yielded to our Father's Spirit - to be his expression in the earth, until the kingdom of this earth has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ (Rev 11:15)

May you continue to receive and release according to the will of God all you have been set apart for. May the Spirit of the living Christ fill your being, and overflow to yielded ones like the glory of the Lord fills the earth as the water fills the seas.
Sincerely His and therefore yours,


On 4:20 AM , Anastascia Marie said...

I do rarely comment on blogs... but am so grateful for the 2 storys that i read on facebook...and your story above. I will tell you that it was a link that someone left...after similar storys of this nature on facebook :)

On 1:39 PM , crystal said...

Oh my Bren.....How in the world did I miss this? This truely touched my heart. What an awsome God we serve......Beautiful, simply beautiful

On 3:32 PM , Ruth Putrus said...

Hello! I found your blog through your website listing many of your writings and prayers. I found that as one day in the Spirit I was compelled to type "Deep calleth unto Deep" in the Google search. I am drawn to simplify life and wish to 'go back to basics' including planting a garden (which I have no idea how to do). In His good time, it shall all be accomplished. -----Ruth

On 11:23 PM , bren said...

I so appreciative of everyone's' comments ... they are very encouraging, as I often wonder if anyone is finding this Blog! January 2016