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"While your Husband was building on my Home, helping me to prepare it for a Christian Ministry, did the Spirit of the Lord tell you what it is suppose to be?" were the unexpected words I heard from a Sister in the Lord... in the late 90's.

She was unaware in the late 80's... while in prayer, among other things I had seen myself and a Husband I was yet to meet, serving in a Bed and Breakfast Healing Retreat someday and sensed Father telling me that this was something HE was going to bring to pass ... It was impressed upon my Spirit, He would provide the finances and all which was needed when the time came.... such would have something to do with our having a listening heart, it would be on a wealthy Estate of some sort, in the country. As time went by, on two occasions, like Sarah, Abraham's wife in the Book of Genesis... I tried to help Him along through my own understanding. Each time the doors were quickly and abruptly closed... with the gentle reminder... 'I said I would bring it to pass.' On the second occasion, I decided to surrender this promise into His capable hands as I let go of my image and understanding of the final outcome... and simply experienced the days which opened up before us, with an awareness He was preparing us for that which was to come, in His timing and His ways.

When she first hired my soon to be Hubby  and shared her Call to have a Christian Ministry with us, I quietly pondered over the prospect that someday she'd have a Bed and Breakfast/Retreat... somehow we'd be involved... especially after I heard the name she had chosen for her 32 ace Estate in the country. When I answered her, I was very much aware I did not want to manipulate the situation, as I only desired His will, so I decided to suggest 5 things... tucking into the middle the words: A Bed and Breakfast Healing Retreat.

Upon hearing those word she eagerly responded with among other things, something similar to this, "That's it! My new Husband is not interested in having a Christian Ministry... but I know Father has been having me prepare Listening Heart Farm at Rose Hill to be one. I have set aside a sizable amount of my money to finance it and I am to do it for 3 years. This is perfect!! I can justify holding on to my children's inheritance from their deceased father. I can rent it out for the month of August and we can have our family gatherings there each year. Your hubby knows the place like the back of his hand... as a team you can take care of the home, the grounds and the visitors easily; with your faith, spiritual gifts and talents you'd make a perfect Host and Hostess. The two of you can move in and set the place up and then we can try it for 3 years and see what the Lord would have us to do after." For her the matter was settled...

After completing her many projects and renovations... my Hubby was suddenly unable to find fresh employment as a Jack of all Trades... very little was opening up for him no matter how much we advertised and passed the word out into the Community that he was available again; and when something did open up, more often than not, the door quickly shut due to an unexpected circumstance on the part of the one who had hired him.

Although this was frustrating to everyone involved, previous spiritual experiences had given my Hubby and I the understanding, when Father backs us into a corner after closing doors... it is because a new spiritual season is upon us ... He has a specific door for us to walk through and He is changing our focus and working on our will to bring it into alignment with His.

Our Ideal of a Christian Ministry was something the two of us had come to realize... was something we did not have the power or resources to bring about in our own strength. We would be in need of Supernatural Provision, having done all we knew to do in the moment. So we were not too surprised when we found ourselves considering the prospect of renting out our cozy furnished Cottage on one acre and moving onto her Estate... with all her possessions to do something we had never done before; my Hubby being one who likes to work alone... struggled with the thought of being an Inn Keeper... but we desire HIS will... and thus Father's will won out.... giving us 3 glorious years we will never forget!

Lord willing, I will be writing some Blogs... describing some of the miraculous events which took place during that season, ultimately revealing the Sovereignty of God and His bringing us into a deeper abiding place in Christ ... as Father proved HimSelf and revealed His unfolding plan and sovereign will for us. I will also publish some of the Recipes our Guests enjoyed and I enjoyed serving through my role as a Chef ... with that said, it is my hope you will come back to read them and try the Recipes too....
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