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As Promised in a previous post: the Master Mix Recipes I received from the local County Extension Service back in the 1970's. I included another Master Mix Table of Contents to offer suggestions of what can be done with the Master Mix Recipe... or another purchased product which is similar.

As I learned to cook... I decided to be adventurous and use my imagination and my desire to be creative to see if I could make any recipe I came across more interesting ... for example: I tried making the Coffee Cake richer by adding butter or vanilla or another extract, or extra sugar and a little Cinnamon and Nutmeg and/or Nuts to the batter ... doubling a topping and adding additional Spices and Nuts or Coconut, Chocolate Chips, Fruit or Preserves are some ideas I have played with .... decreasing the milk in the batter of choice and rolling the dough into balls which are then rolled into 3 TB brown sugar, tsp and half of cinnamon, and lots of finely chopped nuts is something fun to try too. Any ideas from each of you are always welcome...

As promised in previous post... I will be returning soon with a Homemade Snack Cake Mix and Recipes, Hot Chocolate Mix, Cream Pie and Pudding Master Mixes and the like.

A Note to those who have a desire to be generous and thoughtful but need to be so in an economical way ... ALL of these Master Mixes can be added to a Canning Jar or charming air tight container and decorated with ribbon/a simple Label of Instructions... adding a few Recipe Cards when appropriate ... and given away as Gifts:
"Get Well Soon" "Thinking of You" "Missed You" "You'll be Missed" "Welcome to Our Community" "Congratulations" "Thank You" "Birthdays" "Anniversaries" "Holidays" "Just because I Love You" "Gifts to Hostesses/Teachers/Secret Pals" to name a few.

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On 4:23 PM , Joyful Servant said...

So wonderful to see your master mixes. I am going to have to come back often and try these out :-) God bless!

On 8:20 PM , Bren said...

Thanks sis... do post the above link to the Add Your Link section above .... and feel free to come back and tell us as much about it as you want.