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If your interested in a certain Subject please let me know and I will seek to write an Article on it.  

Enjoy!  bren

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On 11:37 PM , bren said...

Thanks to those who are writing me privately on a personal level... and thanks to all who come here for reading/commenting and for your patience in waiting for more articles.

When it comes to blogging, I write more in the Fall and Winter than I do in the Spring and Summer. This is usually because I grow some of our food and am given excess from others which I preserve; although I find this to be very rewarding, it can be a bit time consuming and I dare not stretch myself too thin.

In the meantime, I have been inspired to put lots of ideas in my draft folders and as of late am sensing a call to begin writing/posting here again soon. Am looking forward to such myself... hope you are too.

Again... thanks for your comments here and personal correspondence via my email address, I find such to be very encouraging and I truly appreciate it! bren