Happy 2010 Everyone
It's been a while... but I am delighted to return
with some more Economical Recipes as promised, before moving onto a Fresh Topic.

Back in the 1940-50's most Cook Books offered Recipes for Puddings and Pies from Scratch, using Cornstarch and Flour as the base ... adding additional ingredients as they went. *Puddings From Scratch for the Gourmet Cook who wants to save will be the Topic of the next Post*  Convenience and preprocessed Foods were not the norm. It was not until later that Jello Pudding and Pie Mixes became popular ... but in today's economy some are into buying Bulk from Costco or Sam's Club, Mennonite or Amish Grocer's and the like.  Smart Shoppers share the cost with a few Friends as they buy Bulk as a group with splitting the cost in mind ... forming their own small Neighborhood Cooperative.

As more and more people are looking for ways to save time, energy and cost some are resorting to making their own Premixes. The Wise Shopper knows this saves on trips to the grocer (gas/time) and once prepared they made Ideal Gifts; and for those who like to Barter ... they are great items to trade among their Cooperative Friends.

In previous Blogs I've already offered some Master Mix Recipes for Homemade Bisquick and Snack Cakes. I photo copied pages from an old Recipe Notebook to save time. I'm doing the same in this blog... hope no one minds:

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A Tip: It use to be cost effective to cut a gallon of milk with Non Fat Dry Milk ... I don't know if that's still true, but just in case your looking for ways to use up any Non Fat Dry Milk left over from the Master Mixes above and from the Hot Chocolate Master Mix Recipes which will be offered in an upcoming Post... I am also adding a Photo Copy of a Cream Soup Base.

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Bulk Cream Soup Base

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