The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon, No. 3)

I recently read Dan Brown's Mystic Mystery  'The Lost Symbol'. I've enjoyed reading the Style of Dan Brown.  He weaves his Story Line together by interlacing interconnected Stories and Facts ... leaving us hanging, eager to return again with the possibility of gleaning a truth while being entertained. As one who grew up in the Washington Metropolitan Area, as a Sightseer and Seeker of Truth, I am very familiar with the Places and Conspiracy Theories he speaks of; this knowledge added to my pleasure.  It seems obvious that he does extensive research and that his Books are laced with his own Spiritual Insights and Theories.  Discerning how much of it is truth... and how much is meant for Entertainment Value is up to the Reader.

  Without a Spiritual reference point, Dan Brown's Books "The Divinci Code", "Angels and Demons" and "The Lost Symbol" could cause one to ponder much, in light of the controversy surrounding his Writings.... and I see this as a good thing. Any Book which inspires one to Think and Seek Truth for Themselves, to me is worth recommending.   If you're entertained while doing so... good!

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