As I ponder over the memory spoken of in the Previous Blog (please read No Ordinary Miracle first),  I am reminded of the moment when God answered my prayer and Evelyn asked me to be a part of her Home Birth experience ... I was delighted to be asked and considered it an Honor; the joy which comes through the privilege of helping to bring new life forth with an awareness of the Presence of our Creator and the unfolding of His Plan for us is indescribable. Such experiences are filled with Sacred Moments that change us.  This was not my first Home Birth, nor would it be my last and it appears to have been part of the training needed for when through Father's Sovereign Plan I became a Shepherdess and assisted in the birthing of a Horse on an Easter Morning a few years later.  The uniqueness of each Birthing Process be it Human or Animal is a wonder to behold.

While Evelyn's birthing process was taking longer than most... I remember being overcome with a Knowing I needed to take a power nap in preparation for that which was to come ... only to be suddenly awakened by the words 'Death shall not have this little one.' as a sense of urgency overtook my Spirit. I discerned these words had come from the Spirit of the Lord and sensed His Anointing filling me as they sank in.

Upon walking back into Evelyn and Jim's Bedroom the Midwife immediately asked me to sit behind Evelyn, as she was completely exhausted and was in need of merging with the strength within me.   The Anointing and strength which energized and flowed through me, was surprising, as I myself was in the middle of a 40 day fast. The unexpected words which came out of my mouth in the midst of the crisis that soon followed astounded me. It was not until I reflected upon these words tonight 20 years later, that I saw Jesus and Lazarus in my Spirit... and realized before His death, Jesus spoke to the Spirit of Lazarus calling him forth from the realm of Death manifesting His Father's power over life and death (Jesus said the works that I do are of the Father's Spirit) ... and almost 2,000 years later, could it be though Evelyn, His Living Spirit within her called forth their Son, Aaron David, a name not previously considered ... up until the moment those unexpected names came out, it was their Family Tradition to begin all their children's first names with an R.

Years later, while rejoicing with our Daughter and her Hubby over the miracle conception of their first child,  through their first try, a rare event with In vitro Fertilization, I heard what I have come to recognize as the Voice of God's Spirit say, 'One Hundred and Fifty to Two Hundred Years ago they would not have lived, but due to the advancement of Medicine they will.' I wondered, what will take place?  I sensed I was to tell no one but my husband as peace filled my heart, releasing me from the anxiety which only moments before attempted to overtake me.  I am reminded today, as a Spiritual Baby I assumed something like In Vitro Fertilization would be humanity playing God...because my elders said so; but as I grew in Spirit and Truth under Father's tutelage, I was given the understanding... it is God's Spirit who is the Source of all that is, Who is the Creator of life and death and our power is limited until He increases it through our Union with His Spirit ... each Generation a little more enlightened than the last, through Christ ... the Anointing of God. I understood, without His Spirit, In Vitro Fertilization would not work.

In my Spirit that day, I also saw our Daughter's water break naturally and knew this would be significant. While in the midst of what the Doctor had determined was False Labor our Daughter was concerned she might not know for sure when she's in labor, I told her what I saw in my Spirit in an effort to assure her all will work out. She smiled politely before replying, 'Mom do you know how seldom a woman's water breaks in advance?'

What appeared to the Doctor on call to be days of False Labor due to no dilation, in reality was infection spreading to different organs within our Daughters body... to include the Placenta. Although flu like symptoms can come with False Labor, this was not discovered until after she was sent home and her water broke, revealing it was soiled due to the stress of the child within  We took her back to the Birthing Center immediately. As our Daughter's Fever rose and the heart rate of their baby got dangerously high the inner knowing and words I heard at the beginning of her Pregnancy returned to my mind. I sought to rest in their promise of a good outcome, even though the Medical Staff knew there was cause for alarm. Due to the danger involved for both the mother and baby, an emergency C Section immediately took place.  Except for the need of transfusions for our Daughter both were fine. The Doctors marveled that their Baby Girl's Apgar Test Score was a perfect 10 because 7 is the average number for a baby who is not born under duress.

As I listened with compassion to our Daughter and her Hubby recently discuss their desire for a Son and their concerns over the trials and tribulations which come through attempting In Vitro Fertilization again and remembered all of the physical and emotional pain that took place previously, once again I silently asked Father for a healing Miracle in their behalf and in behalf of others like them. They did not have the faith to do so, but I did, for I have received the miracle of healing on more than one occasion. I asked Father if it was in His plan and timing, to heal her body, to please give them a baby, the Son they desired, naturally. When my Daughter told me she thought she might be Pregnant because her next Cycle had not come, I told her of my most recent prayer and dared to hope with her. When she took an at Home Pregnancy Test, later that day we marveled and rejoiced when it said she was Pregnant. Her Hubby was especially relieved when we found out a few days later it was definitely not a Tubular Pregnancy. Initially she had been told although she had a 3% chance of conceiving in her one good Ovary, more than likely it would be a Tubular Pregnancy, if the disease she had did not flush out the fertilized egg before it had the opportunity to attach itself to the wall of her uterus.

Shortly after... her Hubby's Dad said he had an unusual dream.  He never dreams of his Father, but the night before he had a conversation with his Dad in a realistic dream. In the dream he was telling his Father that his Son was having another child, but they were at lost for a name... to which his Father responded, 'The Baby already has the name that really matters.'  As he told us this dream over our Thanksgiving meal together, we all wondered if then meant a Son was on the way.

As I reflect and meditate upon the details of these memories ... all that has happened to us and others; the possibility of that which is to come and the Sovereign Will and Timing of God's Eternal Plan, once again I can identify with Nettie Mae in my short Short Story No Ordinary Miracle:

"She was overcome with gratitude for the gift of life she had witnessed once again. This was a sacred moment and she started to sing a song of thankfulness and adoration to her God, as was her habit, but she soon discovered, today mere words would never be enough.  They were replaced by a tear which teetered on the rim of her eye, as she understood today they had experienced no ordinary miracle."

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