Decoupaging A Marker

You can mark your Marker of Choice with a variety of Items. Whatever you choose, may I suggest you cover it with Clear Nail Polish or Varnish, to help keep it from fading.

 Permanent Marker Pen


Wood Burning or Hand Carving Letters

Be Creative ... think outside of the Box! Be the unique you that you are...



Ask around, friends may have items laying around they do not plan to ever use again.

You may also want to check out  Attic's, 
Thrift Shops, Estate and Yard Sales or Surplus Shops.


The use of craft materials is always fun!


Whether you just want a simple temporary marker to mark seedling or a long term marker,
there are lots of ideas and resources which can be used to mark your plants. 

 Grease Pencil or China Marker

Pop-cycle sticks soak up water as they are short and ink from a permanent marker will quickly become a blur.
Painting a paint stick before using a Permanent Marker Pen could be a better choice.


Want more ideas?
20 DYI Plant Markers and Labels

More Garden Plant Markers

 Have you come up with a Marker or Label Idea you'd like to share?  
If so please tell us in the Comments Below.
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