'I left myself a note to remind me, but forgot to read it. Why? I knew he'd get angry if I forgot, yet I forgot. Why? I wanted to remember, to please him, to please You why did I forget? You know I hate to get in trouble. Why does this kind of thing keep happening?' were the silent words I cried deep within my soul, to the Spirit of the Being I knew to be the author and finisher of my faith, the restorer of my soul and more, Jesus Christ ... these were the heart felt words I poured out to Almighty God, Who had revealed HimSelf to me as my loving Father, my kind healer, my intimate provider ... the Holy and Righteous Spirit of unconditional love and truth Who had awakened my Spirit to His reality and more.

The essence of the words I heard in response, "It's your identification with love: Yell at me, punish me, hurt me. This is your souls place of comfort. Your subconscious mind seeks to create it, in it's search for love. Let go of your identification with and limited concept of love. Embrace the truth of My love."; and the journey into the fullness and perfecting of God's love which has followed, has done far more than simply transform my inner man .... it has changed my entire life and ways of being for the better, causing me to let go of chaos and inner turmoil and surrender to and receive Father's Wisdom which help to develop His Fruits of the Spirit which nourish my Spirit, Soul and Body.

If your interested in knowing more... please consider the next Blog, 'Coming into Wholeness' and other Blogs under the Topic The Sovereignty of God.  Thank you in advance..

As it is in Heaven may it be So on Earth!
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