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A precious friend just sent this link to me. Thanks Randue... and welcome!!!
Our Daily Bread is an uplifting, hope filled Movie about *People helping People and the value of a united interdependent Community and more*. We recommend it at this time in particular, as we believe it may be timely for some and Prophetic for others ... especially when we look at the Global Economy and unemployment rate around us.

Independent of one another Randue, my Husband Charlie and I saw this Movie around 1988-89. Charlie and I had just met.  Randue and I had been friends for about 10 years.   There was no Romantic Interest between any of us, we were simply Members of the Family of God who were friends growing up Spiritually, having met along our Spiritual Journey of Faith.

Before I met Charlie, before this movie came across my path, before my life as I knew it changed .... during a God Inspired Fast, in my Spirit I saw a great Global Recession coming in the future which would precede the greatest Spiritual Renassiance to date.  It was a Spiritual Tidal Wave.   During this Fast Father gave me a Prophetic awareness tumultuous times would be coming Globally... that He was going to expose the Corruption of the Finite Nature influencing the Systems of Man and give us the opportunity to repent and turn to His Spirit for His Transformative Power and Wisdom and the unfolding of His Sovereign Will. Father spoke to me in detail with regard to His Plan for my Future letting me know how He was going to prepare me for the days to come ... with reassurances that He would bring it to pass and I need not be afraid.  He knows exactly what circumstances we each need so we can have the opportunity to learn the lessons of life and so the Spirit of God can manifest another one of His infinite attributes. Father said He would always provide and watch over us through the process and urged me to surrender my will and trust Him with an awareness of His Plan which is unfolding day by day.  A trusting attitude on my part would bring about harmony and more. He has been Faithful to His word, in His perfect timing ... just not how I first imagined it through my finite perspective.

As a Single Mother, I had a prospering House Cleaning Company in Northern VA, 'Keepers of the Home' and Charlie was Self Employed Remodeling Kitchens in Rockville MD. Shortly after  all of the above, within six months of each other, Charlie and I lost our Companies and places of residence. I also lost my Vehicle.  Eventually all my Children ended up living with their Father and his Wife. In our Divorce agreement, they were to move in with their Dad when they became Teens if they wanted, so in a way this was timely and thus made things a little easier for me emotionally. In case these revelations were not of God, I decided to surrender my heart, but to be prudent and be responsible in my daily decisions. Nothing I did could keep my family together, my Company afloat nor enabled me to find work elsewhere. Truly a new season had begun.  

Soon after the Foreclosure on my home, circumstances came into being where I found myself living with a Christian Family in the Country, learning to live off the land, in a Log Home Charlie was working on. *Charlie had never picked up a Chain Saw before this and now years later his talents have been fine tuned to enable him to create Hand Crafted Log Furniture; see previous blog.* I resisted at first, in my finite mind two single Christians living in the same home with a family did not seem appropriate but since no other door opened, I surrendered my will to what appeared to be Father's manifested will and later discovered His wisdom in deeming it so.

Through all of this I lost contact with Randue.  Eventually we connected again through the sovereignty of God.  Randue... if you are inspired, please leave comments of insights you've received here and a link to your Blog as well.

I am immensely grateful that I was given the understanding in advance deep within: all is for the perfecting of my faith and for His fruit to be developed within ... all is motivated by the purity of Father's Love and for the manifestation of His Infinite Truth.  All would be necessary seasons of my spiritual journey; and that all would work out for the good ...  restoration would come, in due season. Jeremiah 31:28  This knowing in advance enabled me to surrender my will and simply go with Father's flow as the Spirit of the Lord went before me. The Lord's Spirit opens and shut doors as I do what my hand finds to do... seeking His empowerment. Father's Spirit assures me...  behind what appears to be Chaos at times, is Divine Order coming into Being with His Higher Purpose in mind.   

As I listened for His Voice, it was made alive in me, *before I met Charlie*, that a Husband of His choosing was coming, we'd be on parallel journey's.  First He would Knit us together Spiritually, then Intellectually, then Emotionally and after Marriage, Physically ... after our Marriage Restoration would begin. *This too took place to my surprise, for I thought I had my chance and blew it the first time and I never thought I could love again. Father said He had other plans and reminded me I had never asked Him for the Husband of His choice*  

As the Spirit of God Almighty began to show me the future, I knew I was to live a prudent, simplified, generous, compassionate faith based life of ever increasing wisdom.  I was aware Bartering would be involved, I would learn many skills and develop many talents along the way.... meeting those of His choosing for purposes He knew were needed for all involved.  I'd eventually become very blessed and a rich resource to the community. I'd manage Estates, Run a Bed and Breakfast and more.  The Spirit of the Lord said He was going to pick me up and put me in the Country and teach me to live off the land by way of training for what was to come in the future, emphasizing what HE was going to bring to pass in my behalf ... and He did and continues to do so. 

In my Spirit I saw the Systems of Man Globally would fall like Dominoes, beginning on the East Coast of America...  *the Global Economy began to fall as the symbolic World Trade Center was destroyed on 911 as one of those Dominoes*. I sensed the corruption of the System of Money as we knew it would be exposed as a part of this new move of God ... causing Believers to come out from among them as they returned to their first love.  I saw corruption among Church Leaders exposed... those who were wolves in Sheep's clothing.  I saw inherited Traditions of men which was not found on Jesus the Rock being dealt with.  We are not surprised by what we see taking place around us Globally and feel an urgency to encourage others not to be afraid but to seek the mind of the Lord for themselves by going to Him directly first.   I saw because of these events and the work in the hearts of men Father's Spirit would be doing, that the meek would truly be the ones to inherit the earth.  First arrogance, greed and ego building had to be exposed and dealt a death blow.  I saw opportunities orchestrated by God's Spirit to bring forth humility and the fruits of the Spirit in Believers ... what some saw as a curse initally would be revealed as blessings. A Spiritual Tidal Wave of Blessings. I saw much more to be shared elsewhere... in the meantime be encouraged.  Gods Eternal Plan for us is good and not evil and there are certain things we must live out so we can be conformed to the image and likeness of Christ. Randue can testify I am speaking truth, he having heard most of this back in 1989. Over the years he has experienced the gradual unfolding as well, walking some of it out in his own life by way of preparation... being harnessed of the Lord as well, for His training purposes.

After becoming Homeless through circumstances beyond our control, on numerous occasions Charlie and I found ourselves working on a Barter Basis in the same Household ... in the Country.  Neither of us was romantically interested in the other until 1995 when after becoming best of friends through the Knittings of God, we recognized love for one another in our hearts and were married.  

As the unfolding circumstances of our lives send us down parallel roads, sometimes together sometimes apart ... we saw the hand of God putting us together for His Purposes and ponder over much.  On numerous occasions, we both ended up at the same places helping to establish small Homesteads and Father's Spirit developed various talents on small Farms in different States. He continues to develop our talents as He continues to mature us Spiritually.  Sometimes Bartering and traveling is involved. We feel as though we are being sent to those of His choosing for His Sovereign purpose and at times they are sent to us ... Often those who come down our Drive with Log Furniture in mind, discover there was a Sovereign Purpose involved as well. 

The circumstances we have gone through since the late 1980's have enabled us to expand our knowledge of living off the land experientially ... with a recognition God is definitely in control, leading and training us and providing in practical ways we had not expected.  Sometimes such teaches us a lot about the contrast between the human nature and the Spiritual one and our need to be overflowing with HIS Spirit. This gives us immense opportunities to seek the power of Father's transformation in our own hearts as we learn to love as He would love through us and as His Spirit of Wisdom teaches us through our union with His heart.   We were surprised to find ourselves traveling together in such ways, but could clearly see none of this was taking place by accident ... all seems to be taking place for His Kingdom Sake as He establishes His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven in the hearts of those who are open to His Spirit, from Generation to Generation.  One lesson I definitely learned is His Prophetic timing is definitely not what I thought it would be ... a lot of preparation of hearts needs to take place before we are ready to walk in His Truth in it's fullness. 

In my heart... the Spirit of the Lord did, is doing a lot of inner work, releasing me from tainted thinking and inherited preconditioning.   I've had to learn to face and let go of fears, of my need to be in control,  a lot of should's, ought's, suppose too's and other expectations, especially religious misconceptions and much, much more ... and enter into Father God's Rest and overflowing love for my Soul and trust Him with the Soul of others.

As I am reminded of the Film Our Daily Bread *Randue I saw it on the DVD Shelf just before New Years 2010 and Charlie and I have been pondering over our lives since we first saw it, as of late, as we look at the world events unfolding around us just as He said they would* via Randue I sense a real urgency to encourage others to seek Father's will for your lives if you have not already done so and seek to submit to it without fear.  Trust in His Love. The fiery Trials and Tribulations, the seasons of ups and downs in life, are part of His Transformation Process and they perfect love, faith and the fruits of His Spirit within us as we walk them out in Spirit and Truth.  When we come to the end of them we understand why they were/are necessary.  Truly HE can be trusted and the journey through is worth it ... both the temporal and eternal. 

May I suggest, if you have not done so that you consider Father's will and your life in relationship to Him and His great love for you day by day... keeping the heart of the message given through the Lord's Prayer in mind as you do.  Having a Harmonious Attitude toward the Spirit of God and all of His roles in your life and His will for you has miracle working power.  May you have eyes to see and ears to hear clearly.

If you have not already done so perhaps if you look back over your life you can see Father's Spirit has always been with you... even when you thought otherwise ... teaching you, leading you, nudging you, comforting you, loving you unconditionally, moving in your behalf motivated by the purity and wisdom of His love ... for those who are unaware of this as yet, may you know this truth as your own. Those of you who know this to be true... I would greatly appreciate reading from your grateful heart below ... as might others. Thanks in advance...

... and thanks again Randue for sending this link, it's very timely in our life ... perhaps will will be timely in others. Love you bro...

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