Hugh brings River Cottage to the City.
Segment 1 of 5 - the start.
From "River Cottage Spring" Series 1 broadcast June 2008 on Channel 4 (UK).
Hubby came across this Green, eco friendly YouTube Video Series about being connected to the land whether your in the country or city... about a Community of several Families growing their own food and live stock on a small plot of land via a UK Project last evening ... thought it might be timely having just posted regarding the Movie 'Our Daily Bread".  It seems to fit in... and some of you might find this Video Venture interesting and informative as well as inspiring ... especially if your seeking to live off the Grid as much as possible. 

By the way... in some parts of the world, this is the perfect time of the year to start your food seeds indoors. Typically that would be cool weather plants like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts and plants that take a while to grow before producing fruit, such as Peppers, Tomatoes and Melons. You don't have to have a Green House for starting your own plants from seeds.  A warm sunny window or two will work too,  Whether your interested in having a few plants on your Patio or if you want to avoid the cost of buying prestarted Veggies Plants for a larger growing area, getting a early start on the home front is usually economical in the long run.  More on this topic and other Frugal Gardening Tips coming soon.


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