Those of you who like to read may be interested in joining a Free On Line Library Club where Members swap Paperback Books and can keep them if they want or swap them when they are done. Members can request specific books they are looking for.  The cost to swap each book costs an average of $2.25 per book you send out. Books sent to you are free of charge to you.... this sure beats having to buy it new and it may not only be a easy way to find a Book that is no longer available otherwise, it may also be the perfect place to find Gift Books. *do keep in mind you can get the Gift Book well in advance and store it until the day it is to be given... avoiding last minute shopping* Link:  Swap Paper Back Books

Here is some info you will find if you go to the link above:

  • You have books in good condition that you do not want to keep.
  • After you have Posted the first 10 books to your bookshelf, you get 2 "startup" credits from PBS to get you started swapping.  After that, you earn credits by sending out books to others. Only the first account for a household receives startup credits.
  • You may order any available book for 1 credit each (paperback/hardcover). audio books cost 2 credits each.
  • If you want a book that is not currently available, you can place it on your Wish List and we will notify you by email when it is available for you to order.  You can even have it sent to you automatically when it becomes available, with no email necessary.
  • When a book is requested from you, we notify you by email, provide the address for you to send it out, and even provide a wrapper!
  • wrap and mail your book.
  • When the requestor receives it, you earn 1 credit (2 if it is an audio book). Yes, you pay the postage to send out your books, but when you request a book, the sender ships it to you free of charge!
  • The books you receive from PBS are yours. We hope that you will repost them to share with other members when you have read them, but you can certainly keep them, or give them away. Similarly, the books you send out to others belong to their new owners.
Paper Back Swap is a great way to share books with people all over the country!

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On 1:01 PM , Anonymous said...

wow, this sounds great, has anyone tried this? p.s. wendy sent me here

On 1:35 PM , bren said...

Not me Anonymous... I inherited a Library when a Friend shut down her Book Store. At this time I have plenty to ready... and don't want to put the time into swapping paperback books, but many consider doing so at a later date.

Thanks for stopping by... and Thanks Wendy... for posting me as one of your Guest Blogs:

You all might want to do a Google Search on Wendy Limauge, my sister in law, who is becoming a Professional Blogger. She has links to tell you how to do so and other great blogs... one of them being, Contest you can trust, and tips on how to win often.