Just the other day, I was examining two Vintage Quilts my Daughter discovered, to see if they were worth repairing (with Vintage Material I have collected), or if they were worth using for a Craft of some kind. One had a huge hole in it, so it was obvious to me that it needed to be recycled, (vintage scraps could be used to repair the other quilt), it definitely was worthy of being used to make other Crafts.

After I considered these Quilts, an email arrived on the topic: Repurposing Old Quilts

As I read it I thought, 'Wonderful and timely ideas! I need to share these!' One Idea in particular stood out to me; downsizing a damaged quilt into a Baby Quilt. Since my Daughter will be giving birth this Summer this Inexpensive Handmade Gift Idea caught my attention. This informative Article came in due to my being a Subscriber to a Blog: www.Oldtips.blogspot.com I have wanted to tell you all about her Blog for a while now. Today seems to be the perfect day to do so.

With that said, please consider the links above and below and the down to earth advise offered at: Repurposing Old Quilts

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