Considering the earthquake of Haiti from many perspectives; reading about Katrina, and the Tsumani of Sri Lanka from various view points .... one unique example of each linked above .... brings to mind how unprepared we each could be, in some cases will be, if an unexpected Crisis takes place around us or in our own back yard ... especially if as predicted by Scientists, there is an inevitable Global Pandemic which could take many unprepared lives, as suggested via a DocuMovie on The History Channel.

Click: After the Apocalypse, is a Movie Documentary our Public Leaders inspired of a possible worst case Scenario of a Pandemic following it through to it's possible after affects. This DocuMovie is meant to make us think about our part and responsible ways we could prepare ourselves in advance. While I watched the above DocuMovie I thought of practical and simple things people could do to survive as they left the Cities in search of Food and Shelter, if they only knew of them ahead of time. Those depicted in this film, like the average City Dweller were not in tune to nature around them nor were they aware of Basic Survival Skills in cases of an emergency.... something Eagle Scouts and Girl Scouts knew in my day. Insights gleaned from Basis Research and DocuMovie's like the one above and links in other posts at this Blog, will hopefully cause one desiring to be discerning, to think about the wisdom of their own role of preparedness in advance and urge them to take heed and Be ingenious and prudent when practical ... not just in an emergency, but in day to day living.

Although my heart aches for those who are in crisis just now and in need of being rescued with loving wisdom, I am encouraged in observing our Human Family come together to help our 'Brothers and Sisters' Globally no matter how big nor small the need... no matter where or when the need is made evident. I am blessed to see the Spirit of Love being poured out ... and rejoice with the spiritual understanding, the fruits of love and wisdom are being developed in those who choose to walk as it. My heart sings in the knowing our Haitian Family is being given hope... and a new beginning. I have hope that in days to come they will not be forsaken and left behind by those with good intentions now, whose hands were stayed as they were told to wait until ground work is laid making their efforts more efficient and practical. For such a hope... I am grateful.

In seeking for a Link to After the Apocalypse at the History Channel, I came across this On Line Video Movie Documentary there;  Prophecies of Armageddon predicted by Computer Web Bots and the surprising truth of the accuracy of the results. Have not watched it yet, I will do so at a later date perhaps. In the meantime, am offering the link for those seeking the Truth of Prophecy and how it affects us individually.

With the above in mind and considering the Global Economy in it's current state, I think the next link is worth considering.

A Note to Those with Investigative Minds: Additional Links provided in my Blogs often lead to a different link about the Topic at Hand, such as Another's Perspective, a Place of Purchase, a Website or Blog, a Related Article or more.

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