Balance is one of the Keys of Life.

When it comes to the practicality of being prepared through heeding Spiritual Discernment... use the Key of Balance.

Seek to use the Keys of Wisdom and Prudence with it ... think not only of your well being, but the well being of others. Wisdom teaches of our need one for another, our need of loving relationships and our need of balance ... a sound mind.

Think, listen, seek to discern the Spirit of your Heart ... what is your motivation, where is it coming from, how are you choosing to Be? Hopefully it is not of the Spirit of Fear and dead works ... Fear can lead to Hoarding, Obsessing, Greed... Confusion, Oppression leading to Hateful actions and ultimately to Insanity.

Yield to the Spirit and Purity of Love and let it motivate you... Love not only for self but for Other. Tend the Garden of Life and all within it with loving care, Divine wisdom and the Knowing which comes from deep within.

Yield to the Spirit of Truth, let it teach you... empower you to walk in Spirit and Truth manifesting Gifts of the Spirit and Holiness in relationship to all that is.

Surrender to the Holy Spirit within, let it Be your Life Force... your Inner Guide, your Source of Wisdom, Power and Purpose ... the Truth and Fullness of Being one born the Holy and Righteous Spirit of God, Who is the Spirit of Love and all this is and is yet to Be.

Surrender to Your Heavenly Father's Love... Let yourself trust Him for Who He really is and not who you thought He was... Let go of the old and have Faith in and Focus on His Goodness and Faithfulness ... Through Father's Plan of Restoration, His Righteous Spirit of Goodness is birthed and known to those who choose to embrace His New Covenant with us.

May we as a Spiritual Family coming into our own, yield to the Beauty of His unfolding Plan... embracing hope and the fresh awareness and joy of a surrendered Heart being conformed day by day to the Image and Likeness of Christ ... the firstborn of those who were separated from the Spirit of God through the Spirit of Death ... awakened with the Gift of the Spirit of Eternal Life and all it's prevailing Goodness.

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