The gentle, generous, affectionate personality of Syria a delightful Orangutan who welcomed a Hound Dog into his extended family on this National Geographic Short Video makes it well worth watching. Hubby and I laughed as we watched the bonding process taking place: Love at it's finest

After watching this... once again, I thought of how grateful I am that I have been able to bond with numerous affectionate animals in my lifetime ... in my own little corner of Paradise.  Currently, we have a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot, Virgil who has the charming personality of a 4 or 5 year old. Virgil loves to be with us, to play with us and to please us. He/She? is very curious...  and although he's in his early 30's, (he can live to be 75), he never outgrew his nap time. He especially enjoys sleeping on my shoulder or on the perch on the shelf  Hubby built above my computer.   He understands us... and uses some words, but prefers to use body language and different sounds by way of communication.  We are thankful we are tuned into him enough to understand and respond with tenderness.  And like most family members is a true joy to be around.  

As I think about how appreciative I am that I can be a Parrots Friend, I also think about the nature around us... we are befriending... it's obvious they have grown to trust us and depend upon our loving care.  They too bring us lots of joy and companionship we might not have otherwise.  We are delighted to have such opportunities...   we especially enjoy sharing them with others, in particular grandchildren.  Introducing a child to something for the first time is one of life's greatest treasures.  Powerful experiences for everyone involved...

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