Dial 211 if you need help ... they recommend you call them with your list and if it's in their data base, they will refer you to one of their Resources.  www.211.org has a Data Base filled with Resources for those in need Nation Wide and Canada. Some of the Resources Registered are Government based the rest are Privately Run, Non Profit or Volunteer Groups and Clubs ... there are thousands.

Two examples of how they helped the day I discovered them and referred them via Feed My Sheep a local Volunteer Group I serve with are: Family #1 was in need of Gas money. Family #2 was a 65 year old Single Mom in need of Financial Aid so she could keep her Electric on. Family#1 a Truck Driver lost their job. Family #2 a long time Self Employed Pet Groomer was loosing Clients due to cut backs. Both are seeking employment. Family #1 just lost their home. Family #2 is in danger of loosing hers.  UPDATE: Family #1 was also about to get a grant so she could continue her education and they are helping her to get her vehicle back on the road. They also put her in their data base for employment opportunities.

211 knows of Agencies who help with Vehicles for those in need of getting to work. They also help with Repairs of all kinds as well as......... well I won't list that here. If your in need... remember, they suggest you make a list and call them to see if they can help .... it's what they are there for.

They'd appreciate it if you'd tell others.... so if your so inclined, due share this Blog Link... remember they are Nation Wide and in Canada.  Just dial 211 and you will automatically be connected to the nearest 211 in your local area.

Heavenly Father You say because you love us unconditionally You rain on the just and the unjust ... thank You for meeting our needs through those You've prepared in advance ... Bless You for empowering those Called to such, to 'Feed Your Sheep' ... be it Spirit, Soul or Bodily.
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On 9:42 AM , Lena said...

It is really great when there are agencies like that which help people in need. Today it is very important to stay human and give something to other people when you can. If we don't help each other, then who will?

On 11:15 AM , bren said...

I agree... 'there but the Grace of God could go I' ~ 'it is though the Grace of God I have and have to give'.

Many who have worked hard and for them such has come easy are surprised to find they cannot find work in the present economy ... some of those who find themselves able to have income and work coming in, have found humility ... some are understanding grace on a whole new level.... even if only from a place of observation.

Thanks for reading and commenting Lena.