Once Upon a Potty for her and Once Upon a Potty for him are Music DVD's...  they have a song children happily sing about going potty while there are head shots of them waiting on their Potty Seat for the 'poo poo' which, the Mommy who narrates the animated aspects of this story explains takes a little longer. Once accomplished... the animated Mommy and Daddy empty the potty seat and along with their daughter tell the poo poo and wee wee bye bye as it is flushed away.  Having raised 3 children of my own. I remember reading in advance, this aspect of Potty Training could cause fear and trauma if not handled properly, so I was pleased to see the gracious way this was dealt with in this informative Video which helps to make going potty seem like something fun to do. I am presuming the Father is the main Voice in the Once Upon a Potty Video for him.

The DVD begins with a Package the Grandmother has sent in the mail of a animated Potty Seat. The DVD repeats the 'Going Potty' Song in various scenarios with live children, which helps to keep the child who is watching entertained  ... I discovered these DVD's in our local Library while checking out Items to take with me for our 18 month old Grand Daughter, on a recent visit. *this is a great place to get Counting Song CD's, Picture Books and DVD's for those who are on a budget ... and these DVD' make a great inexpensive gift idea*.  She enjoyed watching it several times during my visit ... and hopefully it set the stage for when her body is mature enough to warn her in advance, it's time to ask for help 'going potty'.  

Happy Potty Training!

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