My 18 month old Grand Daughter really enjoyed reading Tickle the Duck by Ethan Long with me.  We laughed together as she tickled the various fabrics used on this Board Book. I thought this was a very creative way to play while reading.  Ethan Long has other books such as 'Stop Kissing Me' and 'Duck's Not Afraid of the Dark', as well.

She especially enjoyed reading Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth, illustrated by Laura Huliska-beith. Not only did she like reading this Board Book with me, she carried it around and read it over and over alone.  The  Ladybugs used in this book are made of hard plastic and the pictures are very colorful. The Book begins with 10 little lady bugs inside of a hole and as the child turns the page, they count down until there is only one ladybug in a hole. She liked touching them and trying to pick them up.

Duck and Goose, How are you Feeling? by Tad Hills is an excellent beginners book on teaching your Toddler about 'feelings'. It has bright and colorful pictures which illustrates with body language feelings, such as happy and sad, loving and scared and more.... it's a great book to help a little one identify feelings.  I checked this one out of the Library with the intention of reading it to my Grand Daughter over SKYPE (she lives an hour and half away), something we both enjoy. 

Although these are Board Books they can be read by different age children as the subject matter will span over several age groups and can also be used to teach 'first words' so eventually an older sibling can read to a younger one.   Good gift ideas too!

I found all of these Books at our Local Library
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