Our area is expecting a Snow Storm over the weekend which puts me in mind of this Link. Click:  Free National Emergency Information Alerts    Those interested can choose between putting this link in their Favorite Place as a Book Mark, or they can Sign Up and receive Alerts via Email, when applicable.  Initially these emails arrived in my Spam Folder.  For convenience sake because there can be lots of updates... I left them there since I scan it for Blog related Email that sometimes end up in my Spam Folder by accident. In that way I can read the most recent and don't need to delete the rest.  Saves time on my part. *wink

This link not only gives out Severe Weather Warnings in your area, but it offers other Info such as: Pandemic Updates,  Homeland Security Alerts, Stock Market Updates, Breaking News Links and the more.   
A Picture of Our Small Grove of Bamboo we keep as a Bird Sanctuary
after 30 Inches of Snow fell in February 2010
Such Depth of Snow is Rarely Experienced in our Little Corner of Paradise

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