Understanding the practical Concept behind Rocket Stoves can spawn ingenious ideas for someone with an Off the Grid, Green Living or 'Oh My God, What are we going to do now?' perspective. Rocket Stoves can be made a variety of thrifty ways with easy to find material or they can be bought premade
StoveTec Wood-Charcoal Stove
Rocket Stoves can be made out of a Coffee Can if someone is without power... be it practical camping in the backyard for fun or in an emergency. So finding out how to make one 'just in case' seems like knowledge worth considering.
If you want to know more about Rocket Stoves and Efficient ways of Heating you can do so by following the Links from these and other Bio Mass Fuel Useage YouTube Videos:
liner being covered with clay and sand. It is packed on and left to dry hard like an adobe.
The StoveTec One Door Stove burns wood or agricultural waste like palm fronds more efficiently than does an open fire. But some organizations prefer or need to make stoves locally rather than buying one ready made. This is especially true in refugee situations. One option is to use a StoveTec combustion chamber in a "mud" stove that CAN be made locally. Dean Still demonstrates how to make an Aprovecho Rocket Lorena Refugee Stove from a StoveTec combustion chamber and Lorena (a mixture of clay and sand) that performs like a StoveTec One Door Stove. Dean is CEO of Aprovecho Research Center in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Aprovecho designed the rocket stoves sold by StoveTec, which are manufactured in large quantities in China. See www.stovetec.net for the whole story of these stoves.

sbhministry@yahoo.com Video shows two cement stoves and a camping stove from cans. This rocket stove has been modified using cement, rebar, airholes and a way to cook a pot of beans or fry a pan of bacon. It uses very little firewood to keep a pot cooking. The wood can be placed in on two sides.

StoveTec Wood-Charcoal Stove
"3 Billion people need a clean burning stove. Lets
work together to make a difference! We want to deliver clean and efficient cook stoves to people that need them. StoveTec doesn’t need patents, or other funky protection for our products. The Aprovecho Research Center is open source to help the 3 billion people cooking on an open fire, and to reduce the number of people that die every year from breathing smoke. Mother Nature needs a lot of help right now to reduce global warming, ill health and deforestation" www.stovetec.net

Demonstrating the Use of a StoveTec Rocket Stove
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