Knowing I Write with a desire to share Insights I consider to be of value, Wendy a Professional Blogger encouraged me to Blog. After agreeing to do so, she set this Blog up.  As a thank you I would like to acknowledge her and introduce her to those of you who are looking to Blog for income.  I do not feel called to go that route, but some of you may so here goes:

When it comes to Questions relative to Blogging for Income sweet, generous Wendy is the one to ask. I myself can only offer links to those experienced in this area.

For those looking to make Income On Line, below is an Excerpt of what she has to say about herself and her life Blogging for Income:

"About a year ago (2008) I didn't know what a blog was and within one year I have been able to double my income, stay at home and work for myself, start a savings account, pay down bills, and even buy health insurance. I am now supporting my husband and myself with this thing called blogging. And, there seems to be no end in site as the Web changes all of the time and the possibilities are limitless."

Being another who finds great delight in helping others with her Insights, sweet Wendy has created a Blog called: Mommy Bloggers Guide.

Below is her Introduction at that Blog:

Welcome To The Mommy Bloggers Guide

Too many mom bloggers start a blog without every considering anything before they begin. This is mainly due to the fact that no one has ever taught them what they should be doing or has given them any guidance as to where to start. This is what the Mommy Bloggers Guide is all about.

There are so many topics that bloggers need to learn about and concepts that need to be covered and I am putting them all in one place on this site.

Feel free to send me your blogging questions you would like answered and if it is relevant to the mom blogging community at large I will cover that topic and answer your questions on the Mommy Bloggers Guide."

Sweeties Travel AdventuresSome other Blogs Wendy Publishes are: Welcome to Sweeties Travel Adventures: her Newest Blog ~ Come along with Wendy (Sweetie) as she and her husband Greg, travel, explore and try new foods, stay in new places, experience new cultures, and meet new people.

About Sweeties Travel Adventures: My husband Greg and I love traveling. Until recently we couldn't go on trips because we were busy raising our children. Now that they are grown we have a little bit more freedom to roam around the country.

We have been fortunate to win many fabulous trips by entering sweepstakes so many of the trips we go on don't cost us anything - except for the postcards and souvenirs. We've been to the Bahamas, on a cruise, France, Hollywood, Newport, Florida, all because of free trips we won through sweepstakes. We hope to win more great trips so we can travel to a lot more fabulous places to explore and learn more about this great planet we live on.

We plan to share our thoughts and opinions of places we see, food we eat, and people we meet. This is also a site where I can finally share my photographs. I love taking pics with my Sony Cyber-shot camera but no one ever sees them. Even if no one visits my site at least I will know I have a place I can put them to share.

What's In Sweeties Travel Bag: If I take it on our trip I will write about it. From the camera we use, the laptop or Netbook we take, luggage, or some cool gadgets that helps us in our travels we will let you know all about it.

This blog rounds out my Sweeties world of blogs. I blog on a variety of topics but they all fit together somehow.

Sweeties Sweeps: On this blog I share how to enter and win prizes like the trips you will see talked about on this site. You can also win lots of other things such as TVs, furniture, cash, gift certificates, cars, or computers. I try to post more "winnable" contests and sweepstakes to enter on this site - quality over quantity

Sweeties Daily Sweepstakes Digest: Everyday of the year I post from 5 to 10 sweepstakes for you to enter. These may not be as winnable as the ones you will find on my main sweeps site but readers have still reported wins by entering sweepstakes I post here. This site is for readers who need a source of quantity sweepstakes because they have more time to enter. If you don't have as much time focus on the "winnables" first.

Sweeties Secret Sweeps: This is a private, subscription based site for more "hard core" sweepers who really want to focus on winning prizes. The sweepstakes posted on this site are restricted, usually to certain states making them much easier to win. The cost is $25.00 per year.

Sweeties Swag: Everyone loves getting some for free and this is what I post on the swag site. If there is a free coupon, free sample or free magazine available online I will post about it. I also post "hot shopping deals" on things I find for sale that you might like that are a steal. And, I also host giveaways and do some reviews of products that are sent to me or products I may have purchased that I would like to share with readers.

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