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Received this in the mail years ago ... a Company was attempting to get me to join their Recipe Club.  Those who are interested in making and filling a non traditional Easter Basket this year may find these Scanned Recipes Ideas a good starting point .... and a fun Family Project over the Spring Break. Wonder how other Cookie Cutters would work? Might come up with some interesting designs.  If anyone makes these, send me your photos and I will show them.

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Enough Recipes for now... Will be starting another Topic in next Blog.
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On 9:27 AM , LambAround said...

Wow! You always have such unique ideas on your site. If someone gave me a gift basket full of cookies and told me that I could also eat the basket, it would blow my mind :)

On 1:50 PM , bren said...

*big wide grin ... I hear ya again!

Here is a link of Chocolate in Art Form. It's an amazing link, someone just sent if via email as an attachment. You will need to cut and paste it.

You can click on the pics to speed them up. When you get past the pics of the Candy you will find Sculptures, true works of art.