While Searching the Web Tonight came across this Link: http://www.kountrylife.com/

Below are two is Excerpts from it.  I think it's a Link well worth Mentioning. Enjoy!

Country Living, Country Skills
Country People

KountryLife.com - A Country Living Resource and Community

March 30, 2010
Welcome... We have much to share with you. Take off your shoes, grab a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and stay awhile! [About Us]

Talk With Us - our very active and friendly forum gives you a chance to discuss country life and rural living. [Let's Talk!] Stroll Down Memory Lane - browse through many memories of country living. Share your own memories with others! [Let's Stroll]

Country Living Tips - readers have provided an extensive list of tips and information which you can browse or search. [View Tips] Articles of Interest - there is an ever-growing list of interesting articles covering a variety of country topics. [Read Articles]

Photos Galore - There are current photos of country living submitted by our readers, old vintage photos, and interest-area collections. [Current Pics] [Old Pics] [Collections] And a Lot More - use the menu bar on the left to browse the site. You can also perform a site search or view a huge table of contents. [Search the Site] [Show Contents]

We're glad you are here and hope you will come back often...

Country Living, Country Skills
Country People

KountryLife.com - A Country Living Resource and Community

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Kountry Life Memories List

My Summer Vacation
The Long Dusty Road Journals - The Ride Home
Daryls Big Wreck
Gramps Puts One Over On Me
Gramps Puts One Over On My
First Solo Deer Hunt
Sis Gets Her Horse
I Discover Beer.
Uncle Earl
Limrats N Me
Me N Jim Corbett
Tire Rides
Cowboy Movies I Shouldnt Have Seen
I See My First Nekid Woman.
My Motorbike
Learning To Drive
Holidays Past
One July 4TH.
Found Some Golf Clubs
My New Hobby
City Cousin Visits Grandpas Farm
Whiskey Run
Missing The Simply Times...
Double Trouble
An Ice Cream Summer Day
Uncle Clete
I Almost Kill Granny
First Deer Hunt
Our Pond
Already Grown
At My Dads General Store
Re-Living My Childhood
The Feather Piller
As A Child
That Old House
Cooking Breakfast
Childhood Memories 1945
Dry Land Farm
My Childhood Of My Great Farm Visits
Mid-Night Cannonball
No Water???
Grandmas Homemede Jelly
Farming In 1930S In Oklahoma
Cotton Fields
Memories Of My Childhood
William Gray
Visit To Grandpa And Grandmas House
The Gathering
The Long Dusty Road
Home Made Ice Cream And Fire Flies
Grandmaws Apron
Fire Bug
M.L. Mclemores Lone Star Baste
Dads Monumont----The Log Barn
My Tonsillectomy
Moms Big Dance & The Alfalfa Patch
The Button Box
My Country Boyhood
Popping Popcorn In The Fireplace
What I Want For Christmas
Grans Christmas Letter
Staying On The Farm
Future Memories
Thanks For Your Time
Country Memory
Map Names
That Damn Horse
Home Repairs
Afternoon Smile...
Penny And The Copperhead
A Scream In The Night
The Old Fleming Oak
Overcome With Memories
Grandaddys Garden
The Old Log Barn
The Chicken House
Old Time Radio
My Journey
Apple-Butter Makin Time
Going To The Family Ranch
Slop Happy
A Childhood,Wooden Clothes Washer
Before Electricity
Flying Cat
Courtship Of Aunt Kate
Dreams Of The Alamo
Memory - First Movie
Rabbits Cooking,Grandma Said
Mystery Journey
Mystery Trip
Childhood Farm Memories
Keep the Fences High and Tight
Goin Downtown
A Day Of Shopping
The Great Outdoors
My First Trip to the Bakery
Memory Skates
When I was 9
My First Cow Milking
Childhood Memories Shopping for Mother
My first bicycle
Theres still Country in Calif.
More modern memories
A Pan of Brownies
Life on a Dairy Farm
The Draught Pony
Hog Killin Time at my Granny n Papas.
Hollywood Candy Bars
Model T Hay Wagon
In Response to John in Ca
Memory of the Country
Potato Patch
My First Pony
Kingfisher, High School
Trapping Days
Ocean spray days..
The Final Crop
Grandfathers horse and buggy
Hogs in the road
Life in rural Pa. in the fortys
Log houses
way back when cont.
Way back when
Fishin Peabody Creek Canyon
Uncle Toms Legend of the Bloody Hand
Country Childhood
Reply to Uncle Tom
In Memory of Uncle Tom Wertz, Bedford, Pa.
Reply to A Memory of being a kid. by Joe the Wrangler.
Fast Runner
The Haunted Tractor

Alabama Dreamin - a childhood memory.....
Goats and Bees Dont Mix
Starting School in the Fall
A Memory of Being a Kid
Smart Mule
Poor Mans Way of Working Cattle
Snakes, Bugs and Outhouses
Fond Memories Growing Up in the 70s
Uncle Joe and Aunt Gracie
The Old Home Comfort Wood Cookstove.
Grandpas Farm
Ah, Those Old Harvest Day......
Kid Pranks or Outhouse Candy
The Bees Knees
Learning to be Country.
Our Farm
Last Night I Dreamed of the Ledbetter Fields
Jim Dandy
Summer Visits At My Grandma's
The Sentinels
Just Helpin Out
Mud, Mud Everywhere
Papa's M
Lost Melody
Nephew on the Farm
Ethans First G
Hay Jumping
Bees in the Bonnet
We Didn't Learn That in the City
Mixed Breed Ducks
Childhood Memories, Present Day Realities
City Chickens
Homemade Rootbeer
Just Growing Up
Early 1900s Telling
The Forgotten Way
Easy Does It
The Threshing Ring
Uncle Tyrus
Before TV
From City to Country
I Missed the Farm
Father-Student, Son-Teacher
Plowing, or How I Became a Fathead
Thinking Back, My First Nine Years of Joy.
Going to the Grain Elevator with Grandpa
Ryans Cross Roads
Grandpas Animals
Life Before Electricity
The Early 50s on a Florida Ranch
Farm Memories - Circa 1952
Growing Up On An Iowa Farm
Growing Up On A Farm in Missouri
Growing up on a Small Farm in the 50s and 60s
Grandma's North Dakota
Raising Pigs in the House
The Three Holer
The Life and Times of Mary Porter
First Time I Drove a Tractor
The First Day I Drove Grandpas Pickup on the Farm
The Old Wood Cook Stove
Mom Could Not Believe It
My Mother Always Did It...
The Old Farmhouse
Memories of Dela Handy Just After Civil War

Add Your Own Memories
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