In the previous post 'Readers Request: A 'Death by Chocolate' Recipe, I mentioned the person who requested the Recipe was in need of prayer for cancer. I also named a new few others who are desirous of a Miracle. By way of encouragement to them and other's with a desire for a genuine Miracle; and for the benefit of those who are seeking for themselves the Truths of God, at this time I am being inspired to share a Testimony of a Miracle Healing in my own life.  This is an excerpt from my Draft Manuscript to one of my upcoming EBooks, 'Enter into Gods Rest ... A Spiritual Journey of Faith and the Heart of God'.

At the beginning of my Spiritual Journey of Faith in 1978, I began experiencing pain in my side... it was excruciating. It felt like acid burning deep within.  I went to the Doctors and was diagnosed with a Tubular Pregnancy. I was shocked to discover I was Pregnant again, even through I was on the Birth Control Pill. I was equally shocked, because I was also unaware a Woman could become Pregnant in her Fallopian Tube … The Doctor scheduled me for Surgery as soon as possible. I was afraid...

When I mentioned to someone at a Church I was led to attend as a new Believer that I was in need of Surgery and how I was afraid, they suggested that I open the New Testament and read about the healing power of Jesus.  

Before reading, I asked the Spirit of the Lord to speak to me and reveal Father's will for my life. This was a new way of being for me.... it was not until after I received the Holy Spirit through a Born Again Experience, that I became aware this was His desire for my life ... and one of the secrets to having an intimate spiritual relationship with Him. 

As I read, I was shocked to read how, in His desire to manifest Father's will for us Jesus ignored the protests of the Religious Leaders of His day and openly healed and delivered people from bondage while urging, 'only believe'. I wondered why they protested and how could they think such Miracles are from the Devil.  He would reveal such to me as I grew in Spirit and Truth, it was a necessary part of His plan... so the whole world could eventually have their eyes opened to the Truth of their need of a Messiah and the New Covenant offered through Him.

While reading I thought,

Of course, God made this body... He can heal it! 

My Faith having been increased through reading Scriptures of our Creator's desire to heal and deliver us from the bondages which kept us from knowing His truth, I was moved to pour out my heart, "Heavenly Father, I have Surgery scheduled, and I am afraid. You know all the facts. You made this body… You can heal it. The Bible shows how Jesus healed people in Your Name boldly revealing Your will, urging them to have faith.  Recently, through Jesus imparting the Revelation of You and Your Holy Spirit with the gift of faith, You revealed YourSelf and gave me Your Holy Spirit so I could be empowered by Your Spirit to receive Your will for my life.  When You empowered me with the gift of the Holy Spirit, You manifested it with a gift of Prayer ... so I am going to just sit here and yield to the words of the Holy Spirit within, with the special language His Spirit prays as I do... while I wait for Your will to be done."

Since this Prayer Language comes with ease I began fully expecting to be healed... or for something to happen to reveal to me why not. I was becoming use to the Holy Spirit dropping Revelations into my Spirit via impressions, leaving me with a knowing which brought peace and joy.  I had only actually heard Father's Voice audibly at our initial encounter, so I did not expect Him to speak directly. As I prayed with the Gift of Prayer in a Tongue unknown to me, perhaps you can imagine my surprise when I began to notice a Gentle voice speaking from deep within. It was repeating, "Go off of the pill." 

I remember responding with the question... "Go off of the pill?" 

I will never forget what I heard next.  God's Spirit spoke from deep within with the words, "I am the Creator of life and Death, all that is. I desire for you to trust Me with your entire life... including your Birth Control, you no longer have need of it. You know My plan for you is good and not evil. Having surrendered your Life to Me for My purposes you know you are not the one in control. It would be foolish for you to use birth control.  IF I desire a Life to come forth... it will... if this is not my plan for your Life, it won't. All you need do is trust Me and in My purposes for you and them."

It was then His Spirit reminded me of my previous Pregnancies and the ways in which they had been conceived ... as well as their outcome. Through the eyes of hindsight, I could see, no attempt on my part had empowered me to prevent them, nor to make them happen according to my plan. I recognized as well, I had always wanted His will to be done, on some level deep. Realizing I had not really known what was best for my future ... I only thought I did ... I now understood that God simply wanted me to trust in His Loving plan. Surrendering to this awareness... I came to a place of deeper peace and joy within.  I felt secure in His unconditional love... a love He had told me on our first encounter, 'I could not earn nor destroy'.

Upon receiving His understanding, I was able to surrender to His will and receive with faith.  Once I did, the excruciating pain left immediately, never to return. 

When I went to the Doctors, upon examining me he found no sign of a Pregnancy... so I shyly revealed to him my experience. Although I knew I was healed, and was praying God would reveal Himself and His healing power to the Doctor through this event, what he said next surprised and encouraged me, "This has to be a Miracle! If I had misdiagnosed you, a Cyst or Tumor of that size upon bursting... would have sent poison throughout your body and you would be dead. I am beginning to have a lot of Women who are coming into my office who also say they have been healed after Prayer... so 'who am I' to say you all are wrong. I myself, have no other explanation."

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