When I got my first bad tooth ache... I asked the Lord if it was His will to heal me of this.

Having been healed of a *Tubular Pregnacy with a Creative Miracle, I knew HE could do something similar regarding my tooth if that was part of His Spiritual Plan for my life's lessons at this time. As I sought His mind on this occasion I remembered a time I was scheduled for Surgery for a Herniated Disc. Upon seeking the mind of the Lord as to whether this was His will or not... I heard in my Spirit, 'Be obedient to the Doctor and you will not need Surgery.'

The Dr said, 'You're too inflamed for the Surgery. We will schedule it for two weeks from now. In the meantime rest, avoid all stairs and don't pick up anything heavier than a 5 pound bag of potatoes, Take this for pain and................'

I was obedient to the Lord's revealed will and the surgery was canceled. Although back problems run in our family and I had major back issues previous to this... since that day I only get occasional back aches. For such I am truly grateful!  Now, when I know of others going though situations similar to mine, I pray with compassion in hopes they too will reach out to receive of the fullness of His will for them, hopefully through an intimate relationship which imparts joy and an inner knowing which births peace.

On this occasion, as stated, I was waiting upon the Lord to show me if it was His will to heal my tooth and what my part would be if any.  Initially I received no direction. When the pain got to the point where I could no longer bare it... a strong impression of a Phone Book and the words, 'It's time to find a Dentist.' came to mind.

Before opening the Phone Book, I asked for the one of His choice and for His provision regarding the payment of the Bill, as my account was empty.  A Dentist's name leapt off the page and I called for an Appointment. I told the Dentist my concern was not just the tooth, I was in need of setting up a payment plan, if he was willing to work something out. Otherwise I would call around.  He set up the Appointment for Sunday... although I was grateful, I was stressed me out because I knew emergency rates were higher. A feeling of being overwhelmed financially began to overtake me, but I renounced it and chose to trust He would work it all out for the good ... a Revelation He made alive in My Spirit and causes me to experience as His Truth for my life.

Upon arriving at the Dentist, I tried to discuss the payment issue in advance... but was ushered back to the Dental Chair instead.

Perhaps you can imagine my awe when upon completion the Dentist said, 'I am a Christian. Any work I do on Sunday I do in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.  There will be no fee.  Consider this a gift from God.'
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On 12:34 AM , Joyful said...

Praise God for His provision. I love how He works when we do not hinder.

On 10:49 AM , Anonymous said...

Wow! That's amazing! Your personal stories and the outcome are so encouraging. YC

On 12:27 PM , bren said...

Thanks YC... writing and rereading them is encouraging for me too. Plus... often they have come to rememberance in times of need in the future and cause me to continue to 'wait upon Him with a listening heart' for His revealed will... have learned this is part of what it is to 'walk in the Spirit' rather than after the flesh. (A new way of being which is developed as we walk with Him with a listening heart. With that said you may want to consider this link: http://www.enterrest.com/Receiving_A_Listening_Heart.htm)

My hubby and I have learned to lean not to our own understanding and limiting expectations and to recognize that HE has a plan for our lives which is unfolding... and the blessings of overcome trials which ensue are not just for ourselves, one on one, for the building up of our faith, but are given as a further witness of our loving Father and His Son for others in days to come ... and great reminders for us during times of trials and tribulations when needed. They are excellent reminders of His infinite Nature being manifested and unlimited ways of taking care of us. Have learned not to put the Spirit of the Lord in a box of preconceived thinking ... for if we do, we may miss seeing His will when it is manifested if it does not meet up with our expectation or false concepts.

"Almighty God is always involved in the details, whether we see His Spirit or not."