'Jesus, You teach those who have ears to hear Your Voice, it is wisdom to seek first Your Kingdom and Righteousness and in the doing all things will work out for the good.' was the beginning of my prayer.

I had written a check unaware my husband has written one too. After a time of separation, we were trying to work things out with God's help; communication was obviously one of the things we were being shown we needed to work on first. I was particularly distressed my check was going to bounce because due to my driving on a bad inspection ticket, it was to pay a fine to the Police Department. I was sure I would be arrested if God did not intervene and show me what to do next.

Being a newborn in my spiritual understanding, I was trying to stand on my own two feet and I did not have a peace about borrowing money when our vehicle failed inspection.  Knowing my family was concerned that I had taken my Husband back after becoming a born again Believer, deterred me from seeking help from them. In days gone by... I had borrowed more than I cared to and I had made a decision not to do so this time; thinking that would be what God expected of me as we began this new life together in the Spirit.

Before learning the lesson of Presumption, when our sole Vehicle failed inspection, without seeking the Lord's will and wisdom on the matter, I presumed I already knew it and asked Father if he would keep me from being pulled over and stepped out with the hope and assumption he would protect me as I drove back and forth to work.  To think otherwise, filled my mind with worst case scenarios.  Like others I have met since, I presumed I had no other recourse than to drive it to work with a bad inspection ticket and take my chances ... I needed to keep my job, if I lost that, I'd loose my Apt. I needed money to make the car legal... so I assumed under the circumstances, the wisest thing to do would be to just drive it back and forth to work.  I had no problem walking everywhere else and was conscientious about this because I was given a desire that my life to be lived with integrity.  

I was surprised when I was pulled over... and sought the mind of the Lord as to why this was allowed.  His Holy Spirit convicted me of my foolishness in not asking and listening for His Guidance and will first... teaching me a valuable lesson on assumption.  He also revealed to me that His will, will vary from day to day and urged me to seek it daily and not project from my past as He taught me various lessons during my spiritual journey of faith.

I continued my prayer... repenting for not seeking His wisdom and will first, (once again, would the Spiritual Habit before formed I wondered) and sought His provision in the doing. As I listened intently I was given the gift of faith to believe that He was going to provide in an miraculous way and all I needed to do for now was to trust Him. I was told I was to trust in His love and His desire to provide without my having to turn to others first in my times of need. I was encouraged to ask for His manifested will and power before I began each day, henceforth as He reminded me, He has a plan which is unfolding, which is motivated by love and His omniscience presence, power and authority as HE raises me Spiritually in the way I am to go.  I fully expected something to happen and would not have been surprised had an Angel appeared... the faith I had received as I listened was so strong.

Instead... I received a letter from the Police Department. The Officer on my case had been dismissed due to corruption and all of his cases were being thrown out and they were returning my uncashed check.

Years later... after learning experientially, the Spirit of God desires for us to trust Him and that He has a plan which is unfolding for wondrous purposes, in the midst of oppression, I was given an Angelic Encounter.  During that Encounter... I received the understanding, the time would come when I would be sharing such testimonies as above, to encourage those who are struggling and seeking His truth and wisdom for their own lives. I understood part of His Plan for my life was for me to comfort and encourage with the comfort and wisdom He has given me, and in the doing... offer hope to those who are seeking Spiritual Truth and a intimate relationship with their Creator ... to inspire them the reach out to HIM for themselves. For those interested in such testimonies... know, it is my hope I will be inspired to share such here, in future blogs.

For now... may you be given the will to receive the fullness which is your as a child of God, with all your heart... and be an encouragement in the doing.
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