Deep Calling unto Deep ::: Near the beginning of my walk in the Spirit, on an occasion when I turned to the Holy Spirit as my Teacher, I was moved to do Word Studies and learned much that helped me grow and come to understand the Bible is not to always be taken literally or read Historically. The Bible is a Spiritual Book, which needs to be spiritually discerned as we grow in Christ. I have discovered it is only one of the ways the Spirit of God as our Father chooses to relate to us.

During one of my first word studies, I was moved to go to a Strong’s Concordance to see what a Hebrew or Greek root word in context might mean. I discovered the THEM spoken of in Deut. 7:2 for example, is made up of 7 Nations which represent aspects of the Adamic Nature which are strongholds (attitudes and ways of being) that must be overcome before one is able to enter into the 'Land of the Promises of God', spiritually speaking, and come into the fullness of who we can be as one born of God's Spirit.
 I was surprised to discover this when I looked up the Name of each Nation. The following is a brief study of what I discovered. 

The Name Hittites' original Hebrew meaning is rooted in Fear and Terror as well as dismayed, shattered and broken, they seek to Dominate.

Among other ways of being and thinking Girgashites can stand for the quarrelsome nature, those who stir up strife, being contentious and bringing opposition, it is also rooted in fear as dread.

Amorites is rooted in giving utterance or a command, which comes from pride. They are known for speaking without actions on their part.

Canaanites root meaning comes through the curse put upon Ham's descendants (of which each of THEM are descendants), whereby they lose their freedom due to a sin against Noah and become merchants or servants whereby their motivation is for selfish gain, greed motivates them.

Perizzites have a low opinion of themselves and see themselves as worthless. Their vision of life is one of limitation, poverty, and self-deprecation they have a false humility and can be lazy.

To the contrary, the Hivite's vision of life is to live-it-up at another's expense; they are self-centered.

Jebusite is rooted in down fall, subjugation.

Like I said above, this is only a brief study... there is much more the Holy Spirit will show us when we are in need of conviction or in need of being set free.  My suggestion to you is you ask the Holy Spirit to Teach you, however He chooses each day.  He speaks to us through all of life, not just Scripture, (future posts with examples of such coming soon). 

I discerned as I allowed the Holy Spirit to Teach me, it helps to see these Fleshly Attitudes, in contrast to the seven Fold Spirit of God revealed in Isaiah 11:2, symbolically speaking, which we can partake of through the renewal of the Spirit of our Mind with the Mind of Christ, as we become A Christed One.  

For those interested in further Study here is a Link to the 7 Fold Spirit of God, you may want to consider.  I just came across it and have not read it as yet, so I can only refer it without an recommendation. I will update this Post once I have read it.  Your comments and discernment are welcome as always.

It is my observation and experience thus far, we are each 'acting out' a deeper truth because our lives are lived on both a literal and spiritual reality in order for us to come into the fullness of Christ; live an abundant life in Spirit and Truth. Discerning which is which is part of our growth process. Do add your insights, as I believe deeper truths are worth discussing and can be a form of Tithing Spiritually one with another.  Let us feast on His revealed words together…

It has been revealed to me, as a Christed One we are each a part of the Body and Bride of Christ and have a unique Spiritual Journey as we receive the Revelation we need in the moment or impart a Revelation another needs in Father's timing and way. We have need of each other and are brought together to walk in the Spirit of Unity through the unfolding of Father's plan, day by day. We need not 'fear' what another may want to 'tithe with us spiritually’; as each day Father has a portion HE desires to feed us with; meat in its due season.

We will be nourished by that which is OF Him and that which is not will be eliminated at His appointed moment; His Spirit lays an ax to the root of all ungodly trees. Being Open ... having our hands free from all attachments to what was of value yesterday is a must, if we are to continue to grow 'UP' and live within the Kingdom of God which is within each of us and among us, in the Spirit as His Truth.

As always
my Prayer is for you to listen to the Holy Spirit who is our Teacher and Guide and that only that which I offer which is of the Spirit of Christ would take root and that which is not will be infertile.  May our Father’s will continue to be done in all of our lives … Jesus being both the author and perfector of our Faith.

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On 4:25 PM , Joyful said...

My Word, I haven't seen a post from you in such a long while. And, it looks like your blog has changed again and you've had some changes in your life. Congratulations on your anniversary. I will hope to come back and read some of your spiritual insights. God bless.

On 10:56 PM , bren said...

Hello Penny! Am delighted you saw my post! Whenever I have cleaned out my email I have kept your on file with a desire to reconnect with you, in Father's timing. I remember well what a Gift of Encouragement you have been and I find, still am in my life. Bless you my friend for taking the time to both read and respond to my Blog! I visited yours and see you have been consistently publishing there. Beautiful pictures... sorry to read the loss of your friend. (((hugs)))

On 11:16 AM , Elaine Kelly said...

wow this is a beautiful blog Bren ... thanks for sharing

On 5:22 PM , bren said...

Thanks kindly Elaine, appreciate you visiting and taking the time to comment.